One last hurrah in the UK

My visa's up, time to go home.

But in one last fit of comedy, I spent July and August touring the world with the Oxford Imps: South Africa, Swaziland, and Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. In Edinburgh we brought up Hyperdrive, the all-tech improv show we designed in Oxford, and I also had the pleasure to do stand-up every day in a show called Stand Up History with the stand-up guys from Tight Five.

I also competed in the final of the Chortle Student Comedy Award. I didn't win, but the gig was lovely, even though they misspelled my name. (Who are they, me until age 12?)


UK: hopefully see you soon. US: you're next.

Gig on a boat

I told some jokes in Lincoln, UK, and got through to the semifinal of the Chortle Student Comedy Award. This week, I made it through the semifinal, which was on a boat. So things are all right.

The video below is from the Lincoln heat––they thankfully picked a freeze frame of me looking beautiful.


I am blessed to be part of The Oxford Imps, who are putting on a show that's never been seen in the UK before, and maybe even the world. I think it'll be really cool––we're going to set up a real Tinder profile through audience suggestions and improvise based on the responses, interview an audience member through his or her Facebook profile, somehow use a drone that I smuggled into this country, and a whole bunch of other tech-inspired improv. This may well be the biggest creative endeavor I undertake while in this country.

Check it out here.

Pop. 1,400

Earlier in January, I was very kindly invited to speak to current Monroeville Schools students about, well, whatever. I did my best to talk about how "what do I want to do with my life?" is a stupid question, and how maybe "what do I want to do next with my life?" is a better question, and how maybe "what do I want to do with my life right now?" is the best question of all. The Sandusky Register covered it here and included an interview they did with me later.

Found it

Come Dine With Me uploaded the full episode to YouTube, thankfully eliminating the need for shady ways of sharing it with Americans. You can see the full thing here: 


Or you can just watch the clip that's been everywhere on the internet: