I'm currently a PhD student in Dan Gilbert's lab at Harvard University.

Before that, I spent two years in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at Oxford University.

And before that, I did all of my undergraduate research in the Fiske Lab, headed by Susan Fiske, my undergraduate advisor.


Jake Robertson and I have a new podcast, The Sound of Liberty

I'm currently a resident cast performer at ImprovBoston, where I perform most weeks with ImprovBoston's Mainstage.

I got my start in improv with Quipfire! Improv Comedy. For two years I performed with and directed the Oxford Imps in Oxford, UK, including runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and the National Arts Festival in South Africa.

I did tons of standup through Tight Five and Honest Comedy, among others.

In undergrad, I wrote extensively for the Princeton Triangle Club, and acted and directed for them too.

I co-founded All-Nighter with Amy Solomon and David Drew, and was its original co-host.