These are the slides from the course I designed and taught during January@GSAS 2017 called "The Surprising Psychology of Everyday Life". They're intended mainly as reminders of stuff discussed in class, which is why I've included my half-written and mostly inscrutable presenter notes. They were originally designed in Keynote, so I don't promise that they'll look totally right in PowerPoint or PDF form.

Syllabus (PDF)

1 - Intro & Everyday Life
We wake up, we do stuff, we go to sleep. How well does the average person understand the psychology behind our everyday lives? Not so well, and the understanding we have is based on some finely-crafted illusions that our brain supplies.
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2 - Happiness
What makes us happy, what doesn't, and why we often get the two mixed up.
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3 - Hidden Influences
We don't realize how hard it is to get into someone else's head. Our mental rules of thumb sometimes go haywire. The right situation turns us into Good Samaritans or murderers. This is the crazy stuff going on between our ears and behind our eyes, and how our conscious minds don't have a clue about it.
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4 - Us & Them
We’re really good at sorting ourselves into groups, and surprisingly bad at understanding why we see the world the way we do. Here's a look at how the combination of these factors is explosive, and how we might be able to un-explode it.
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5 - The Rest
All the good stuff that didn't fit elsewhere.
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